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📊Data Scientist



Data Science
Posted on Friday, July 14, 2023

Data Scientist

(Fully Remote in the US; HQ in NYC)
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In a world where corporations are benefiting from your data without your knowledge, we believe that you deserve the tools to seamlessly put your own data to work for your own benefit.
Pogo is your agent in today's digital world. Link your data with our app and we'll work tirelessly to find you the best ways to earn and save. Whether it's on bills, fees or everyday shopping, Pogo's always got your back.
We're also building the infrastructure for you to monetize your data directly with companies (if you choose). With the disappearance of 3rd party data sources like online cookies, companies are scrambling for your opt-in.
Our data economy is broken today and it's time for a reset. For the first time, Pogo puts you in the driver's seat of your data to get you the value you deserve.
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🚀 We're growing really fast

Our app has taken off: Pogo is actively used by over half a million families in America, consistently generating millions of dollars in savings and earnings.
We've found strong product-market fit: we've built one of the most engaging apps in the world with usage metrics on par with Instagram & Twitter. Our users love it: 4.9 stars across over 40K reviews!
We’ve raised $14.8m from top investors and operators, including the founders of Honey, Carta, Front and Rent the Runway, C-Level Execs of Stripe and Adobe, influencers like The Chainsmokers and VCs like Josh Buckley, Village Global, Slow Ventures, Shrug, 20VC, Night Ventures (MrBeast) and more.
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About your role 👀

As an early member of the Data team, you’ll have the opportunity to use data to directly impact all aspects of Pogo’s product and business. You’ll be helping lay the foundation for how the company uses data to supercharge business outcomes:
Work alongside our Data team and cross-functionally to set KPIs and identify the most important problems and opportunities at Pogo
Maintain the Pogo data asset, building datasets that combine and augment Pogo’s existing data to form the foundation for B2B Data Products
Dig into open-ended business questions, breaking them down into clear components and providing data-driven answers
Create, streamline, and maintain Pogo dashboards to support business needs across the company
Work with the Pogo B2B GTM team to analyze user data to find and scale insights that answer clients’ strategic business questions
Leverage data-driven analysis to uncover and influence key drivers of business outcomes and product performance
Our existing data stack:
Dagster (orchestration), Stitch (ingestion), dbt (transformation), Snowflake (data warehouse), Mode (visualization), Hex (adhoc analysis), GitHub (version control)
Our data stack will evolve and change over time as we grow - we're looking for folks excited to learn and adapt in this domain.
💎 We're looking for the best talent out there, so we're offering above-market salaries & equity.

About you 👩‍🚀

You have 2+ years of experience in data, analytics, analytics engineering, or business operations & strategy in a fast-paced, high-growth environment
You have fluency in SQL (1+ years minimum writing queries) and are comfortable in Excel or Google Sheets
You’re excited about working with large volumes of data to build complex datasets and solve ambiguous problems
You love telling a story with data and can design and build dashboards that help organizations make decisions and uncover challenges / opportunities
You are deeply curious, enjoy figuring out “how things work”, and are comfortable picking up new technologies and concepts from scratch
You have strong communication skills, are collaborative, and have experience explaining technical concepts to a non-technical audience
Bonus: you have worked and made decisions with a modern data/analytics stack (e.g. Snowflake/Bigquery, Mixpanel/Amplitude/Heap, dbt, Mode/Looker/Tableau/etc., etc.)
Bonus: experience with Python or R

Why you might be excited about Pogo 🙌

Inform decision-making at the highest levels of a fast-growing startup with hundreds of thousands of users: As an early data team hire, you will influence an important part of our decision-making process and influence decisions that more than move the needle.
Develop data models, analysis tools, and reporting dashboards from scratch: You’ll find and implement best practices for gathering / organizing / analyzing data, and reporting on insights.
Work with a modern, world-class analytics stack: Utilize the most impactful data tools and learn how to efficiently deliver high impact analytics outputs.
Tangible impact and quick feedback loops: We’re strong believers in following the data, so you’ll see your data-derived insights and suggestions implemented in days, if not hours.
Broad company exposure. You’ll help level up the entire company with analytic outputs. The data team works with all of the teams across the company - including product, engineering, marketing, business development, operations, and customer support.
Shape our analytics / data culture from the ground up. You'll help define our analytics processes, values, working rhythms and more.
Work on a big problem at a critical juncture in time. We're seeing tectonic shifts when it comes to data ownership, privacy and accessibility.
Join a break-out traction company: Users love our product (4.9 stars!), our engagement metrics are some of the best in the world, and we are growing XX% every month.
We're well-funded with years of runway to swing big. We've raised $15M from some of the top VCs out there and we've been generating real revenue to fuel our growth.
We're committed to creating an environment where you can do the best work of your life. Work alongside exceptionally talented colleagues who have successfully scaled businesses in the past + great benefits.
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Why you might not be excited about us 👎

Priorities may shift quickly. Oftentimes, we're tackling very ambiguous problems that don't have clear-cut answers. While we make calculated bets, we have a strong culture of experimentation and we'll pivot as necessary based on what we're seeing in the data and what we're hearing from our users.
We don't have structured management (yet!). We don't have the management overhead to provide direction every step of the way and we're looking for someone that gets energized by being able to run with things.
Raw hours can make an impact on our business at our current stage. This means that we oftentimes work more than your typical 9-5 job. This won't always be the case as we scale, but it is at the present. That said, we trust each team member to create a flexible work schedule that allows them to be most productive while accommodating other priorities outside of work. We also strongly encourage time off to recharge the batteries: in addition to unlimited PTO, we've implemented a minimum 20 days vacation policy 🌴
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