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Project Manager



United States · Remote
Posted on Monday, October 2, 2023

Project Manager 

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Who this is perfect for: 

This role is perfect for someone who loves being intellectually challenged, values speed, is centered on excellence in work product, and most importantly has a passion for travel. 

What we’re looking for:

  • You have a background in Operations, Project Management, and/or Hospitality.

  • You’re wicked smart.

  • You’re a leader who seizes ownership.

  • Positivity: everything is possible with efficiencies and the right people.


  • You have experience with Asana project management software (if you don’t have experience, it’s pretty easy to pick up. The biggest tip is to make sure tasks are assigned, and have due dates. 

  • You have experience in a fast-paced startup.

Where in the Organization This Role Lives:

This role lives in the Guest Experience Department, on the Home Setup Team. 

The Home Setup Team includes:

Project Management Coordinators, In-House Interior Design, and Owner Relations. The Home Setup Team works closely with the Finance department and contracted local vendors.

Other Teams in the Guest Experience Department are:

  • Property Management (maintains the portfolio once onboarded)

  • 24/7 Concierge (cares for guests from booking to troubleshooting)

The Job:

Create and implement workflows and protocols in the fast-paced scaling of Wander locations. 

Part 1: Project Proposal Creation for Operated owners approval (process begins in sales process)

  • Intake (refine, create if/then protocols, and implement) checklist of questions documented by sales members in initial home visits with luxury home members signing onto Wander Operated, to determine necessary steps to bring the home to Wander standard. (If any necessary information was missed in the sales visit, assign the project management coordinators to send a local runner to the home).

Example of if/then protocol to follow (or create/document/and implement if does not exist):

  • Checklist question: What is the current upload/download speed at the home? 

    • If result less than a certain speed → assign project management coordinators to arrange quotes for starlink/upgraded internet → add quote into project proposal for Wander Operated Owner

  • Ensure necessary information (floorplans, video walk through, any additional notes) is given to interior design team to pick art/decor/or furniture to bring home to Wander standards, to add to project proposal for Wander Operated Owner, and communicate project priorities and deliverables, and document and implement efficiencies.

Example of if/then protocol to follow (or create/document/and implement if does not exist):

  • example: If a home just needs artwork added, the interior designer does not have to render out every room with the art, they can just list the pieces in the sheet (building out 3D models adds days of time we don’t have when operating at speed).

    • additional example efficiency to implement: creation of catalog of designer favorite light fixtures to pick designs quickly.

Part 2: Approvals and Pre-Setup

  • Ensure Project Management Coordinators and Design Team add necessary quotes and costs to Procurement’s order sheet. When sheet is ready, let finance know so they can create an invoice for the Home Owner. 

    • Send the invoice, summary, and any notes to Owner Relations for them to create a slideshow to present to the owner, and have a meeting to go over the plan and receive final approval. 

    • Ensure approval is received from home owners, and the invoice is signed, for Procurement to start ordering necessary items for the home setup.

    • Ensure project management coordinators schedule necessary labor and vendors for the home setup.

      • Movers

      • Landscapers

      • Any contractors for hot tub installs

      • Skilled labor like carpenters

      • A team of contracted generalists to put items away (like peeling stickers off of water glasses)

Part 3: The Set Up

  • Attend Home Setups to ensure going as planned, and document and implement efficiencies, and communicate updates to Owner Relations, to communicate to the owners. Multiple setups will be happening at once. (10 a month). 

  • Behind the scenes is also filmed at home setups, making for cool collaborations with the Marketing Department. 

  • See magical parts of the country (with international plans for this coming year), in stunning locations. From the mountains, to the ocean, to the desert – explore and expand. 

Part 4: Hand Off to Property Management and Concierge

  • Ensure necessary steps are completed for a smooth hand-off to Property Management, and implement/document additional efficiencies. 

examples: any existing home issues are fixed (example:washer/dryer0, cleaning crew contacts are handed off, troubleshooting videos for appliances are documented, guest facing home guide is documented (example: where is router located to reset internet connection).

  • Ensure home setup is done well and to completion (Wander sign is hung, the home is completely a Wander) for the content team to roll in and film the marketing assets. 


  • You'll have an equity package, owning a part of Wander.

  • You'll have health/dental and all those good things.

  • You'll have limitless opportunity – make a splash in a high-impact role.